S33 Crusher Regenerator

Basic Introduction
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This machine is mainly used for crushing old resin sand block. It uses vibrating motor as vibration source and integrates crushing, screening, film removal and other functions. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high crushing efficiency, less sand crushing rate and convenient maintenance. The vibrator is annealed after welding.

working principle:

This machine uses the vibration motor as the vibration source to make the vibration body vibrate. Under the action of the excitation force, the massive materials entering the crushing basket collide and rub continuously, so that the inert film adhering to the surface of the sand falls off. The crushed sand falls into the inclined bottom plate of the tank through the mesh holes around the crushing basket, because the bottom plate of the tank is inclined upward, showing a climbing trend, In this way, under the action of the exciting force, the sand particles constantly jump and roll up along the inclined bottom plate, and the sand particles constantly rub and peel off the film between the sand particles and the bottom plate of the tank. The sand climbing on the inclined bottom plate of the tank enters the screen section, the sand passing through the screen is discharged through the discharge port, and the material on the screen is discharged through the waste port.

Manufacturing executive standard: JB / t8496-1996 technical conditions for resin sand complete plant

Technical parameter






Vibration crusher regenerator

5-8 t/h



Vibration crusher regenerator

8-10 t/h

2x3.7 Kw


Vibration crusher regenerator

10-12 t/h

2x5.5 Kw


Vibration crusher regenerator

15-18 t/h

2x7.5 Kw


Vibration crusher regenerator

20-25 t/h

2x9 Kw

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