S52 Centrifugal Regenerator

Basic Introduction
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This machine adopts the principle of mechanical centrifugal eddy current regeneration and blade type regeneration disc. It is a special regeneration machine developed and designed for alkali phenolic process. Under the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating blade, the old sand is thrown to the wear-resistant ring, and the resin inert film on the surface of the sand is removed through the collision between the sand particles and the wear-resistant ring, and between the sand particles. There is a throttle plate outside the regeneration basin, which can effectively ensure the reliable regeneration of each grain of sand. The two-stage series design can open two stages or one stage at the same time.

The regenerator is equipped with a two-stage flow curtain type air separator. Its core features are: in view of the secondary adsorption characteristics of alkali phenolic resin mold, regeneration and strong air separation are carried out at the same time to effectively remove the film on the surface of the old sand. The flow curtain type air separator is used to effectively ensure that the dust and sand are completely separated during the movement of the regenerated sand, so that the inert film on the surface of the sand particles falls off and is sucked away, In order to prevent the formation of re adhesion, it can effectively ensure the ignition loss of recycled sand.

Main technical features:

■ The machine has the advantages of less sand crushing, round molding sand shape, uniform regeneration and high film removal rate.

The regeneration mechanism is composed of two identical regeneration mechanisms in series, and the film removal effect is good.

Blade type rotor disk is used to make the old sand strongly throw to the wear-resistant ring in tangent way to ensure the regeneration effect of alkali phenolic resin sand.

The upper, middle and lower retaining rings and rotary discs are made of special wear-resistant cast iron, with long service life and easy replacement.

The upper and lower positions of the annular wear-resistant retaining ring assembly can be adjusted to obtain the best film removal effect under the condition of rated productivity and increase the service life of wear-resistant parts.

The lubrication part of the bearing is equipped with an automatic oil filling system and a water cooling system, which can lubricate the bearing with thin oil and cool the bearing at the same time. The thin oil is forced to be supplied by a gear pump, which can automatically give an alarm during the oil supply process and reduce the maintenance time.

The bearing is imported from NSK of Japan and automatically lubricated by Nanjing Becker electric oil pump.

Manufacturing executive standard: JB / t8496-1996 technical conditions for resin sand complete plant

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