S24 Single arm resin sand mixer

Basic Introduction
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The resin sand double arm continuous mixer consists of a base, a sand mixing mechanism, a binder supply system, a gas path system and an electric control system.

working principle:

1) The base supports and fixes the sand mixing mechanism, gas path system, electrical system and other components.

2) The mixer is controlled by PLC, and more than three kinds of liquid materials are preset to meet the needs of different proportions of surface sand, back sand, fast hardening and slow hardening. The first stage mixing cage is driven by the reducer motor through the elastic coupling to rotate the mixing cage shaft, and the sand quantitatively entered from the sand inlet is transported forward to the second stage mixing cage through the spiral blade, with accurate and reliable quantity. The lower part is connected with the base through the slewing bearing, which is not only the dry sand conveying part of the mixing machine, but also the support of the second stage mixing cage; Both large and small slewing supports are equipped with brake devices to ensure flexible rotation and accurate parking position. The shell of the two-stage sand mixing cage is a two-way fully open structure, which makes the installation, adjustment and cleaning of the blades more convenient; The sand mixing tank is lined with stainless steel lining plate (0Cr18Ni9Ti), which is resistant to corrosion and wear and has long service life.

3) The sand mixing blade shaft is made of thick wall seamless steel tube, which is specially processed to ensure good rigidity. The sand mixing blade is forged by die to ensure that the quality difference of each blade is small, so as to avoid vibration during operation. The blade is inlaid with YG8 hard alloy block to increase wear resistance and long service life.

4) In addition, an exhaust device, an external dust collector and an uv20 photocatalysis exhaust gas purifier are installed at the sand outlet of the mixing cage, which can effectively remove the reaction odor when mixing sand and improve the working conditions of workers.

5) The proportion regulator is used in the new and old sand ration. The purpose of adjusting the sand quantity is achieved by changing the opening size of the gate. The sand ration is accurate.

6) The liquid material system adopts advanced pump valve supply system, including resin conveying system, curing agent conveying system and gas path control system; The transfer direction of two kinds of liquid material is controlled by two kinds of pneumatic liquid material valve, and the quantitative error is less than 1%; Italian OBL curing agent pump is adopted, with corrosion resistance and long service life; Using Viking pump high-precision gear pump to supply resin, with accurate flow and stable operation. The gas path is controlled by group directional valve; The liquid material is added by atomization, so that the atomized liquid is fan-shaped, and the empty cone is sprayed evenly on the material, so as to achieve the goal of rapid and full mixing and ensure the uniformity of sand mixing. In addition, the advanced sand mixing mechanism enables the sand to be mixed evenly within 6 seconds after the binder enters, and saves resin and curing agent; The resin tank is equipped with heating device to ensure smooth supply of resin in winter, the resin tank and curing agent tank are equipped with liquid level gauge to ensure sufficient liquid supply, and the liquid pipeline is equipped with filters to prevent pump valve blockage; The control valve of resin and curing agent entering the mixing tank adopts the advanced near end control valve to reduce the head and tail sand.

7) Suzhou Boneng reducer motor (variable frequency speed regulation) is selected for mobile sand mixer to start / stop slowly to reduce equipment shaking.

8) The isolation transformer is set in the electric control system to improve the quality of the control power supply. The system adopts the international advanced Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC), low voltage 24 V non-contact control, high time precision, and realizes the safe, stable and reliable automatic control. A simulation screen is set in the system to display the operation status of the sand mixer and the sand level early warning indication of the sand storehouse.

The operation control of sand mixer is divided into two parts: work and calibration. The equipment must have the following conditions during operation:

1) The protection switch of each electrical appliance is in normal state, and the emergency stop switch is in the closed position;

2) The stirring cage is in a tight closed state;

3) There is enough sand in the sand storehouse, enough binder in the binder container, and the infusion pipe is in the correct position without blocking;

4) The air source is opened and reaches the rated pressure (0.6MPa)

Manufacturing executive standard: JB / t8496-1996 technical conditions for resin sand complete plant

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