Three drum sand drying machine

Basic Introduction
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Process flow of three drum dryer

The sand is evenly sent to the belt conveyor through the disc feeder, and then enters into the dryer through the quicksand pipe. The heat generated by the fuel combustion in the hot blast stove enters into the main engine under the action of the exhaust fan to contact with the sand, so as to complete the heat transfer and quickly evaporate the water. The sand dryer produced by our company is a three return sealing structure, which can reduce the loss of heat and improve the thermal efficiency. The dried sand is transported to the linear vibrating screen for screening, and then sent to the storage tank for storage or packaging by the elevator. In the upper part of the hopper is the dust in the discharge process. After the dust removal system treatment, it can achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

Qingdao Jiaodong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

1. The three cylinders are connected to each other to form an insulating layer, which can save heat and reduce energy waste,

2. Adjustable temperature and speed, simple and safe operation,

3. Long service life, special thickened steel plate professional manufacturing,

4. Small floor area, space saving, according to the user site reasonable planning and layout.

5. Set energy saving, environmental protection, technology as one, more in line with market demand.

Why do you choose the new three drum dryer of Qingdao Jiaodong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

1. The environmental protection design of the whole machine adopts cyclone dust removal and water dust removal, the exhaust gas is water vapor, and the exhaust gas meets the standard.

2. The main dryer is made of Q345 steel plate, which is resistant to high temperature, wear and long service life.

3. The sealing effect is good, the three cylinders are closely linked, the heat energy is fully utilized, the energy conservation and emission reduction, and the high efficiency.

4. The initial water content of the material is less than 20% and the final water content is less than 0.5-1%. It is the preferred product for various drying projects such as cement plant, slag and dry mortar production line.

5. One person can complete the operation.

6. The discharge temperature is less than 60 degrees, no hot hands, exhaust gas steam temperature is less than 80 degrees, can be directly into the warehouse without refrigeration.

7. This machine is suitable for river sand, river sand, sea sand, quartz sand, hydrogenated silicon, etc.

We have been adhering to: quality is the source of life, after-sales is the purpose of continuous development of the enterprise, for you to solve the problem of sand drying equipment

① Accept customer consultation, according to user needs, determine the scale of operation, provide plant construction plan.

② Install and debug for users. Train operators.

③ The equipment is guaranteed for 18 months and maintained for life.

④ Timely accept technical consultation and provide technical diagnosis.

⑤ After receiving the technical notice, the maintenance personnel rushed to the site immediately to remove the fault.

⑥ Help users upgrade the system and update the equipment technology.

⑦ Provide the necessary accessories in time and quickly

⑧ Regular return visit to users, seek feedback, meet user requirements.

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