LMF Series drum type filter

Basic Introduction
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1、Selection of main purchased parts and materials
δ4.0mm National standard steel plate bending, high overall strength;
500g waterproof oil repellent needled nylon bag;
Hi-Q pulse valve made in Shanghai
2、 Working Principle & Function
LMF Series drum type filter is most suitable dedusting solution for foundry working environment with high temperature, high moisture and high dusty content Under high pressure suction force by ventilators, dusty air is sucked in filters and purified by filter drums, dean air is exhausted outside by the chimney and dusts are kept on the surface of filter drums. With filtering procedure going filtering resistance of filter drums will be gradually increased by more and more accumulated dusts when under pressure is reduced to the presetting value, compressed air will be injected and the filter drums will be cleaned by the compressed air pulses.  The removed dusts are stored in the dust bin and discharged by screw conveyor, deaned filter drums will keep on deash the air.
3、 Technical Features
Compact design, less space needed, greatly reduced machine weight;
Pleated type filter has characteristics of low-pressure difference, low emission, large effective area, stable and reliable running;
Low pressure deash high filtering speed,
Lower filtering air speed, make the dust precipitation effect more obviously, reduce the secondary adsorption
Automatic impulse deash system, with additional manual deash mode, easy to shift between both modes, friendly to maintain
Collect dusts transported by screw conveyor, dosed greatly reduce secondary pollution
Can be equipped with offline ash removal system according to different conditions

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