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Clay sand production line process


The clay sand equipment production line is the main production line for crushing and sand making. When the production line is put into operation, the rough processing is first rough crushing, and then the clay material is sent to the jaw crusher through the feeder for preliminary crushing. The next step is the two-stage crushing, and then it is sent to the cone crusher or impact crusher through the belt conveyor to complete the secondary crushing. Then sand making. Materials conforming to the feeding granularity of the sand making machine are sent to the clay sand making machine for sand making and shaping.
The impact cylinder shall be intact, sensitive and reliable. A noise pad shall be set between the attack cylinder and the anvil. The guide rod or guide groove of impact cylinder shall be complete, flexible and reliable. There are firm and reliable limit nuts or limit blocks. The starting die rod must be able to flexibly adjust the spacing and height of the starting die and have sufficient strength and stiffness under greater load. When the return die mechanism is adopted, the bat or base of the box must be flat and can firmly support the sandbox.