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Safety code for operation of resin sand equipment


Safety code for operation of resin sand equipment: it is strictly forbidden to turn off the power key without waiting for the end of back blowing. Operators need to be trained, and other personnel are strictly prohibited from operating without permission; When shaking sand, someone must be responsible for observing the conveying port to prevent sand from falling into the pit. Check whether the vibration regeneration equipment is injected with lubricating oil before each use; Check whether there is residual dust in the dust removal bin once a week. If there is dust, increase the number of back blowing and clean it up.
Significance of resin sand equipment: greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste sand removal, so that a large amount of waste sand can be recycled; Due to the smooth surface of recycled sand particles, uniform particle size distribution and less micro powder, the resin with high cost can be saved. Recycled sand has good thermal stability, less thermal expansion, stable chemical properties, reduced acid consumption, and easy control of resin sand properties, which is conducive to improving casting quality and reducing defects such as ripple and mechanical sand sticking.