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Importance of clay sand equipment


Clay sand molding machine is a common clay sand molding equipment in the casting industry. With the continuous development and progress of casting technology over the years, clay sand molding equipment continues to push through the old and bring forth the new. In addition to large-scale mechanical molding production line equipment, air cushion molding machine is widely used in small and medium-sized clay sand molding machines, which is widely used in clay casting sand molding production.
During the actual operation, it is found that the air cushion molding machine has at least the following problems. Although it reduces the labor intensity of workers, it still needs to fill sand manually, which has a certain labor intensity; The sand filling amount is not easy to control during molding, and the compactness of sand mold is inconsistent each time, resulting in unstable appearance quality of castings; The compact indenter of the air cushion molding machine adopts a plane structure. When pressing the sand mold with large concave convex shape height difference, the compactness of each part of the sand mold varies greatly. During casting, the loose part of the sand mold is easy to drop sand, resulting in the defect of sand inclusion in the casting.
Over the years, most small and medium-sized foundry enterprises choose clay sand equipment, which has the advantages of compact structure, small floor area and high crushing rate. The crushing principle is to use many small hammers hinged on the high-speed rotating rotor or high-quality wear-resistant metal sheets to break the old sand blocks entering the crusher, and the broken blocks are discharged through the discharge port under the crusher.